Orthodontics is a type of dentistry that aims to improve the appearance, position and function of crooked or abnormally arranged teeth.

The orthodontic treatment carried out at Pennington Dental is considered cosmetic and is only to improve the appearance of the teeth.

While not specialists in this particular area of dentistry, both Dr Fuz Jamall and Dr Tasma Ismail are dentists with special interests in the field, and have completed numerous courses allowing them to practice cosmetic dentistry under the prescription of a specialist.

With all patients who are interested in orthodontic treatment, we offer a free initial chat to briefly discuss options and for you to see whether the treatment is definitely for you. If you wish to proceed, we then book in two further appointments before any appliances are placed – one is a records appointment where we take impressions, xrays and in-depth records, and the second is at a practice in Coventry, where you meet the specialist who will provide us with your treatment plan.

If you are happy with all of this, the placement of the brace is then booked and your treatment can begin!

Costs for our orthodontic treatment options are detailed below:

Records appointment£75.00
Specialist appointment£75.00
Silver/traditional bracketsfrom £995* for single arch and £1650* for both upper and lower arches
White/cosmetic bracketsfrom £1495* for single arch and £2500* for both upper and lower arches
Removable appliance£350
Fixed retentionfrom £150 per arch
Removable retentionfrom £90 per arch

* The cost of the records appointment and specialist appointment are included in the above prices

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