Teeth Whitening at Pennington Dental

Teeth Whitening in Kenilworth, Stratford and the Warwickshire Area

Have you ever considered whitening your teeth? Do you feel they are a bit discoloured and could do with brightening up?

Whitening of teeth is a treatment that we can carry out for you at Pennington Dental safely and with minimum discomfort.

Many people complain of sensitivity when they have their teeth whitened but we use a method for whitening called “The Six Week Protocol” which allows your teeth to really whiten and look lovely without the sensitivity.

You may have seen whitening available at salons and thought about buying the gels online but Tooth Whitening is considered to be dentistry and as such can only be carried out by dental professionals. This is because we need to check your teeth and gums are healthy first before we embark on this treatment. If there is decay present then the whitening gels will cause problems with the decay producing immense sensitivity. Dental professionals also use gels that are safe with all the proper CE marking and medical tests carried out.

Some of the gels you can buy online are no different than floor cleaner and can cause real damage to your teeth and gums.

At Pennington Dental we use Opalescence whitening products which use the active ingredient of 10% Carbamide Peroxide, in custom made trays for night time wear at home. This method has been shown to be just as effective as the more expensive in surgery laser whitening and also gives a more stable longer lasting result.

To see how whitening works, follow this link to the Opalescence website for further information. http://www.opalescence.com/en-us/how-does-it-work.aspx

If you have an event or wedding coming up and you are considering whitening, then do call us and book an appointment to see if you are suitable for this treatment. At the initial appointment we will take impressions of your teeth so we can make some custom made trays to fit your mouth. Once these are ready we will show you how to apply the gel and give you full instructions on our 6 week protocol to minimize sensitivity. Remember it will take about 6 weeks to complete this treatment so do take that into consideration when planning your timings.

Once your initial whitening treatment has been completed we recommend regular top ups every few months with the gel. Your trays, if looked after well, can last you for quite a while, so another benefit of this home system is your ability to keep on whitening your teeth as you need.

At the moment our Six Week Protocol Tooth Whitening is available at Pennington Dental for £500, for more information please click this link


You could be soon sparkling for summer!

Teeth Whitening at Pennington Dental