Pennington Dental Supports Stoptober

We are nearing the end of October and some of our patients have told us they have enrolled on the NHS’ Stoptober campaign. They have pledged to give up smoking for the month of October, because research shows that if you can stop smoking for 28 days you are more likely not to start again.

We realise that as we are nearly at the end of Stoptober, some of you who took the pledge to give up may be beginning to waiver, so we thought we would put this short blog together to remind you why it’s so important to give up smoking for the health of your mouth and throat.

Apart from the obvious side effects, bad breath and stained teeth, smoking can also cause gum disease and affect your sense of taste.

More serious than that, more than 93% of oropharangeal cancers (cancer in part of the throat) are caused by smoking. Smoking can also be the cause of cancer in your lips, tongue, throat, voice box and gullet (oesophagus).

It’s not too late to do something about it. Why not make the promise to give up smoking today!

Pennington Dental is completely behind the Stoptober campaign and has leaflets in the practice with more information. You can also find more on the NHS website or to register, visit the Stoptober website.

If you have recently given up smoking and want to do something about your stained teeth, contact us about our teeth whitening treatment.

If you would have any concerns about your dental health and would like to see a dentist, please call us on 01926 863236 to make an appointment.

Pennington Dental Supports Stoptober