Our top five swaps for sugary foods

Reduce Sugar In Your Diet For Healthier Teeth

Despite the best of intentions many New Year’s Resolutions have already come unstuck. One that we’d really urge you to keep is to eat less sugar.

Sugary snacks and drinks can damage your health and your teeth, here’s our top five alternatives:

  • Real fruit juice is one of your five a day, but it’s packed with sugar. Stick to a maximum of 150 ml each day and introduce water, low fat milk or no-sugar-added squash instead
  • Start your day as you mean to go on with a low sugar breakfast. Ditch the Rice Krispies in favour of plain porridge and sliced banana. The slow-release energy will also keep you going till lunchtime
  • Everyone loves a pudding. For a tooth-friendly dessert try swapping a sweet yoghurt pot for sugar-free jelly
  • Is jam on toast your thing? Try peanut butter instead. It’s still quite calorific but contains much less sugar
  • The most obvious – clear your house of the food itself to avoid temptation! If there are any Christmas goodies still lurking it makes it easier to get the food out of your sight and thoughts! Don’t just throw it out though. If its unopened, consider donating it to a local foodbank?
Our top five swaps for sugary foods