An Update For Our Patients

Post Covid Dentistry in Kenilworth, Stratford and the Warwickshire Area

So my team and I have been up late yet again working through documents and making our practice systems more and more safe and yet another document is released by another industry body. The team have worked so so hard over the past 8 weeks or so to get us to this point.

Kenilworth is being redecorated, brightened up and a new floor is being laid throughout to make the communal areas as easy to clean as the clinical areas.

I did my Mask Fit train-the-trainer course last week (see ridiculous photo below, with my ‘hood’ on).

The poster alongside give you an indication of whats to come in the new patient journey through the practices.

More details to follow as we iron out our processes, just awaiting th NHS guidelines that were due out early this week and havent yet landed….

During these preparations our overriding priority is to ensure that our staff and our patients are as safe as possible and we will continue to do whatever it takes to ensure safety and wellbeing of all users of the practices as
we progress through the different stages of reopening to a full service.

Keep checking back or follow us on social media to keep updated.

An Update For Our Patients