A Bridge Too Far?

Posted 15th August 2015

Do you have a missing tooth or teeth and you really dislike the space? Have you considered having the space filled but you’re not really sure of the options?


Tooth Whitening at Pennington Dental

Posted 10th May 2015

Have you ever considered whitening your teeth? Do you feel they are a bit discoloured and could do with brightening up? Whitening of teeth is a treatment that we can carry out for you at Pennington Dental safely and with minimum discomfort.


Can my child have straight teeth please?

Posted 3rd March 2015

My child has been referred for orthodontic treatment or teeth straightening treatment, but it has not been allowed under NHS funding. Why is this and what does it mean?


A Gourmet New Year at Pennington Dental

Posted 12th January 2015

Have you made some New Year resolutions? Maybe more exercise, better diet, stopping smoking? Maybe you are planning to take better care of your general health and your dental health?


How do I choose the right toothbrush for me?

Posted 29th October 2014

There are so many different shapes, sizes and styles of toothbrushes on the market, so deciding which one to buy can be difficult.Our key tips below should help you find the right toothbrush for you.


Pennington Dental Supports Stoptober

Posted 24th October 2014

We are nearing the end of October and some of our patients have told us they have enrolled on the NHS’ Stoptober campaign. They have pledged to give up smoking for the month of October, because research shows that if you can stop smoking for 28 days you are more likely not to start again.


Moving Dentists is Easier Than You Think!

Posted 22nd September 2014

More and more NHS patients are transferring to us as they are unhappy with the treatment they are receiving from their previous dentist.


Pennington Dental Kids Day – Extra Date Announced

Posted 16th August 2014

Due to the growing demand of our popular Kid’s Days, we have decided to add another one into the calendar to avoid disappointment. The extra date will be Saturday 15th November.


A Look Back Over Children’s Dental Health Month

Posted 3rd March 2014

As National Children’s Dental Health month draws to a close, we have been delighted with the opportunities we have had this month to educate children and parents about the importance of a good dental routine.


Interdental Cleaning and Why Good Dentists Go On About it.

Posted 15th February 2014

Interdental Cleaning is not the most interesting of topics but I have found over the past 12 years of looking after my patients that the ones that clean in between their teeth really do managed to