Emergency Dental Treatment


Posted 21st August 2017

If you need emergency dental treatment, you’re likely to be in real discomfort or pain and you want to get it sorted quickly. We will always do our best to help you in the time we have available. Here are some details about our emergency dental service and, importantly, how you can help us see our emergency patients as quickly as possible. You never know, one day it could be you!


Seven ways to avoid dental problems on holiday


Posted 10th July 2017

The holiday season will soon be upon us, so here’s our top holiday dental tips to keep you happy and healthy while you’re away



Posted 15th March 2017

I visited this dentist for a free orthodontic chat, thinking it would be a quick consultation and I would have straight teeth in no time. I was shocked to discover that my previous dentist had not looked after my teeth very well and that despite attending every 6 months religiously for the past 20+ years, I had a large amount of treatment that needed doing before braces could even be considered (my last check up with them was March this year and I was told everything was great and they would see me in 6 mon



Posted 15th March 2017

Very friendly and respectful reception staff who slotted me into an appointment on the same day, although I think I was quite lucky with this.



Posted 15th March 2017

I knew from the first telephone call this was going to be a good experience. Warm, polished, informative. Appointment offered in 2 days..


Our top five swaps for sugary foods

Posted 19th January 2017

Despite the best of intentions many New Year’s Resolutions have already come unstuck. One that we’d really urge you to keep is to eat less sugar.


Medal winning performances all round

Posted 22nd August 2016

We had another fantastic kids day at our Kenilworth practice this weekend. We try hard every day to make sure a trip to see us is as relaxing as possible for our young patients. But Kids Days are a brilliant opportunity to have some real fun.


Commit to healthy teeth with Denplan

Posted 23rd June 2016

We know that some of our patients like to budget and pay a set monthly amount for their dental care. We also know that patients who attend regularly and commit to their dental health are likely to need fewer treatments in future.


Why do I need to see a hygienist?

Posted 6th June 2016

Hygienists are registered dental care professionals who play a vital role, alongside dentists, to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy. It is important to see the hygienist as well as the dentist to prevent and minimise damage to your teeth and gums.


How do you clean your teeth properly?

Posted 25th April 2016

Following the recent news about the increase in children having to have some or even all of their teeth removed, we thought it was a good time to go over how to clean your teeth for both you and your family.