Private Dentistry In Kenilworth, Stratford and Warwickshire

Private Dentistry In Stratford and Kenilworth

Pennington Dental warmly accepts private dentistry patients. We provide both routine dental care and emergency services to all of our patients through our Kenilworth and Stratford clinics.

Below are the private costs for treatment at all Pennington Dental practices

Treatment Price
Examinations & X-rays  
Examination £42.00
X-rays £10.25
Full mouth x-ray £39.00
Fillings, Crowns & Bridges  
Amalgam fillings from £55
Composite fillings from £65
Porcelain bonded crowns from £500
Emax crowns from £650
Bridges from £350 per unit
Acrylic dentures from £450
Chrome dentures from £550