Meet Sarah Cross

Practice Manager

Sarah began working as a receptionist for the Pennington practice in 2007.  Her love for her job, her passion for helping each and every Pennington patient, and her ability to always think on her feet made her into a beloved part of the practice.

After a number of years, Sarah had the opportunity to take on management duties at the Kenilworth practice. She excelled there and soon progressed to the role of Group Practice Manager.

As Group Practice Manager, Sarah handles most of the behind the scenes aspects of running the busy Pennington Dental Practice Group. She is the go-to person for numerous issues regarding practice development, compliance, complaints, and human resources.

Her commitment and dedication is a huge part of the Pennington success. Sarah is happiest when she knows she is delivering a great patient experience.

Sarah is mum to Hudson and loves spending time with her family and friends. When she is not with her family, you’ll probably find her at the local gym, going for a run or shopping.

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