When should you brush your teeth?

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We often get asked this question: when should you brush your teeth?  People always wonder if it’s before or after eating.

The reason we get confused is because the answer is ‘it depends’.

Traditionally we were taught to brush our teeth after we had eaten, and this is still correct, especially after sugary foods.

However if you are eating or drinking acidic foods, particularly orange juice, you could actually damage your teeth by cleaning them straight away.  You’ll end up spreading the acid all around your teeth and increasing the harm done.

If you brush your teeth breakfast this removes the plaque and bacteria that have built up over night (not a nice thought we know, but that’s what happens). This means they aren’t there to react with the food and drink you have at breakfast time, protecting your teeth.  When you finish your breakfast rinse your mouth around with water.  Leave at least 30 minutes after consuming acidic food or drink before cleaning your teeth.

By far the most important thing is establishing a good routine and cleaning regularly, particularly for young children.  Good habits last a lifetime, and will help your teeth do the same!


Top toothbrushing tips

•Brush your teeth for two minutes at least twice a day

•Make sure you brush each tooth on every surface

•Don’t forget to floss

•Visit the dentist and hygienist regularly, we’ll advise how often you should attend, not everyone needs to come every six months.

When should you brush your teeth?