Mission Statement

For Our Patients

Pennington Dental is dedicated to treating the causes of oral ailments instead of only addressing their symptoms.

We have the skills to accurately asses risks of oral disease and offer preventative care so that you can keep your teeth for life. We will always offer patients the least invasive and comfortable treatment option that adheres to the latest standards in dental science.

The team here at Pennington Dental will deliver the highest standards of clinical dentistry and patient care to the best of our ability, while continuing to develop our knowledge and skills. We will always spend sufficient time with you to ensure that you completely understand the nature of your treatment, its costs and all other available options. We will refer patients for specialist opinions or treatment when requested or required.

Pennington Dental uses the best materials and equipment to ensure our patients receive comfortable, long lasting restorations. We have a quality control and governance program in place to ensure maintenance of both clinical and administrative standards. You can be confident that our standards of cleanliness and infection control comply with current guidelines and that we will maintain complete patient confidentiality at all times.

For Our Dental Team

Pennington Dental will provide a safe, caring environment and provide excellent facilities in which to work.

We will create a strong support network where individuals know their role in the practice and are encouraged to fulfill their professional and personal goals.

Through our in house system of reviews and feedback, we will continually evaluate individual and team performance to maintain our high standards. We will expect patients to treat us, as well as other patients, with courtesy and consideration. We will expect patients to give sufficient time for their appointments and give at least 48 hours notice of any alteration to their scheduled time. We expect prompt payment and are able to offer a range of flexible payment options.

We welcome and encourage patient feedback in order continue improving our levels of customer service. Our goal is for our patients to be so impressed and satisfied with our services, that they will be happy to recommend us to their family and friends.