A hygienist’s main aim is to prevent and treat gum disease including professionally cleaning your teeth.

This is usually called ‘scaling and polishing’. However, perhaps their most important role is showing you the best way to keep your teeth free of plaque and tailoring your brushing and interdental cleaning to your own individual needs – everyone is different and some methods are better others for different people. They also give advice on diet and preventing dental decay.

Some dentists will do this type of work themselves. However, we realise that the hygienist has been specially trained to carry out scaling and polishing and can spend longer with you. Often the hygienist will spend a number of appointments getting the gums healthy ready for the dentist to restore the teeth with crowns and fillings.

We are lucky enough to have hygienists working at all three of our practices, and we have found that regular visits to the hygienist alongside regular dental check-ups result in minimal work needing to be carried out – prevention is better than cure, and the majority of our patients have found this to be a rule they enjoy following!

Our hygienist service costs are below:

Routine hygienist appointment£43.50
Extended hygienist appointment£63.00
Extended+ hygienist appointment£79.00
Full mouth disinfection£260-£400