Trick or treat alternatives to help your kids’ teeth


Posted 17th October 2017

Halloween is almost upon us and most children are rubbing their hands at the thought of huge bags of sweets heading their way. In fact the average haul of sweets for a child on Halloween will contain a whopping 150g of sugar.

Your kids won’t thank you for the tooth decay that too many sweet treats can cause. Here’s Pennington Dental’s top 10 alternatives to unhealthy sweets to give out on Halloween.

1. Halloween stickers - Find us a child under eight who doesn’t like stickers. Halloween-themed ones are widely available from online retailers

2. Glow necklaces or sticks - Kids will love these. They also make children easier to see on the dark evening

3. Vampire teeth - A pair of cheap plastic gnashers is suitable for older kids

4. Temporary tattoos - Scary tattoos always go down well and can be washed off in time for school

5. Mini bubble bottles - Lots of fun for younger kids

6. Themed plasters - As well as Halloween ones you could try pirates, princesses and others 

7. Decorated tangerines - Get creative with black felt tip pens and create your own scary mini pumpkins

Halloween scary fruit

8. Halloween whistles - Their parents may not thank you, but a great way to have a fun, noisy Halloween

9. Fruit monsters - There are some great ideas on Pinterest for a whole army of fruit monsters! 

10. String cheese - Better for kids teeth than sweets and can be adapted for various Halloween-type tricks on the night