Tips for Healthy Teeth at Christmas


Posted 2nd December 2018

December is traditionally a time for enjoying yourself with friends, family, and work colleagues. It’s an opportunity to have fun, and much of it revolves around food and drink.  From nibbles in the office, to sweets the kids bring home, extra meals out and festive drinks - there's lots to enjoy but an awful lot of sugar involved too.

We’re not here to dampen the party spirit, just give you a few tips on how to protect your teeth from the onslaught of mince pies, chocolates and alcoholic drinks.

Christmas eating

When there’s lots of food around it’s tempting to have graze and ‘just have one; every now and then. But remember it’s the frequency that you eat sweet food that can cause damage your teeth, more than the amount. Your saliva needs about an hour to break down the tooth-damaging acid from bacteria, so constant snacking through the day doesn’t give your mouth a chance to recover. If there’s goodies on offer at the office or at home, try not to graze on them.

Our advice is to have sweet foods as part of your meals rather than throughout the day. Better still - cheese is an effective way to round off a Christmas meal. Cheese helps neutralise harmful acid in the mouth, helping your saliva tackle tooth decay.  Nuts or savoury snacks are kinder to your teeth in between meals.


Christmas presents

We hope you’ve written your list for Santa. Is an electric toothbrush on there? It may not be the most exciting item on your wishlist, but it will help to improve your oral hygiene. And if you don’t get one on 25 December, why not look out for a good deal in the sales.  The 1st of January is a good day to start using a new toothbrush, then it is easy to remember when it needs replacing. We recommend every 3-4 months (sooner if the bristles look damaged).

Christmas and routine

You’ll probably be enjoying some late nights, days off, and we hope time to relax, but don’t forget your oral health routine. Make sure you brush your teeth before bed to neutralise those harmful mouth acids, at least one other time during the day, and floss regularly too.


Christmas Opening Times

Our last day before Christmas is Friday 21 December. We’re closed from then until Wednesday 2 January.  If you need to get in touch with a dentist while we are closed please call 01926 863236 and the recorded message will tell you where you can access help.


Merry Christmas from all at Pennington Dental