Sugar Free February?


Posted 6th February 2019

So now that January is over how are your New Year's Resolutions going?

Whether you did Dry January, Veganuary, joined a gym or took up a new hobby last month, there's a couple of really good campaigns going on in February that we think might be a worth looking into and they’ll help your teeth too. Cancer Research UK are doing a Sugar Free February fundraiser. There's many benefits to eating less sugar including protecting your teeth.

There's some great information on their website about all of the benefits of Sugar Free February. They include

Feel Great
Boost Your Intake of Healthy Foods
Keep a Healthy Weight
Learn Something New
Improve Your Will Power

Along with all of those potential impacts, it will also help to reduce your risk of tooth decay.

One of things that we know people struggle with is hidden sugar it's always really important to check the labels of the things that you eat and drink you'll be really surprised how much sugar is in things that you would least expect it. We've written before with some of our top sugar swaps to help you try to reduce the sugar that you eat.

If giving up sugar isn't your thing how about Fizz Free February. This is a separate campaign that encourages people to give up fizzy drinks during February. It's definitely worth reducing the amount of sugary fizzy drinks that you drink. But did you know that even fizzy drinks without sugar in can cause damage to your teeth. The carbon dioxide that creates the fizz can also harm your tooth enamel.

If either of these campaigns is a little too much for you why not at least try and cut down the amount of sugary fizzy drinks that you consume. Your teeth will really thank you for it.

Why not join us over on our social media channels and let us know if you plan to take part in one of these campaigns and if so how you get on.

By the end of the month hopefully your teeth will be nice and clean you'll be feeling healthier and spring will be on the way. Enjoy February.