Steer clear of sugary eggs this year with our five top Easter gift ideas


Posted 20th March 2018

It’s that time of year again when your children’s teeth face a barrage from sugary Easter eggs.

We all know that sugar is bad for your kids’ teeth, but what are the alternatives? Here at Pennington Dental we’ve been scouring the internet for our five best tooth-saving Easter gift alternatives:

1. The Eggheads LED Wobble light.

This cool little nightlight switches on when you give it a wobble. Great to take with you if you’re planning a journey over the holidays.  

2. The Bogey Man Egg separator.

We love this yukky kitchen toolthat will make your youngster’s baking sessions fun  

3. The good old Easter Egg hunt.

Get them all outside running around in a traditional Easter egg hunt. Our friends at Hobbycraft have got all the kit you’ll need in one place. 

4. Paint your own egg kit

Why not encourage your kids’ creative side?  

5. And finally, our luxury choice.

Its £20 but what a lovely soft bunny from the White Company. Start saving – there’s a whole family to collect.

Of course, sometimes you have to accept that children like chocolate at Easter time. If you do bow to the pressure then try to restrict chocolate to mealtimes and encourage your kids to rinse out their mouths with water or mouthwash.