Seven ways to avoid dental problems on holiday


Posted 10th July 2017

The holiday season will soon be upon us, so here’s our top holiday dental tips to keep you happy and healthy while you’re away


1.    Don’t forget your toothbrush!

We’ve started with an obvious one, but in all the pre-holiday activity its sometimes easy to forget the basics. Why not treat yourself to a new toothbrush and pop it in your toilet bag along with some dental floss.


2.    Arrange a check-up before you go

Give yourself time to get any potential problems fixed before you leave on you holiday. You don’t want dental problems to crop up while you’re away. Contact us to book a dentist appointment in Kenilworth, Southam or Stratford -upon- Avon. 


3.    Take spare dentures

If you’re a denture wearer, take your spare set. Holidays can be challenging on the tummy, with new food and water to get used to. Vomiting is a common way of losing dentures, either down the toilet or overboard – so make sure your spare set is in the case.


4.    Watch out for holiday accidents

Going on holiday often means trying out new activities. Watch out for diving into rocks or shallow pools and remember to take care when playing racquet sports. All these can leave you with a mouth or tooth injury if you’re not careful. If you are planning on sporting activities – think about investing in a gumshield. Have fun, but know the risks.


5.    Think what you drink

Whether its fizzy drinks by the pool or a glass or two of sangria in the evening – our teeth can often take a bashing from sugar and acid while we’re away. This often increases the sensitivity of your teeth to cold and sugar. Try using de-sensitising toothpaste such to relieve this, or better still - drink more water.


6.    Stick to your routine

Often, a holiday means a new routine as you relax into a different climate. You may be enjoying later nights and longer sleeps, but don’t forget your dental routine while you’re away.


7.    Get covered

Denplan customerscan arrange supplementary cover for foreign travel at no extra cost. If you’re not a Denplan member talk to us about the benefits of joining up or sign up online. Otherwise make sure you are covered for emergency treatment abroad and that you have the appropriate telephone support number in your holiday paperwork.