Mouth Cancer Action Month – November 2018


Posted 29th October 2018

Pennington Dental is supporting Mouth Cancer Action Month this November and we’re encouraging
everyone to be more mouthaware to help tackle the disease.
Nearly 8000 people were diagnosed with mouth cancer last year in the UK, and there are around
300,000 new cases each year across the world. This number is growing, with oral cancer one of the few
conditions predicted to increase.
We’re encouraging people to look out for early signs of the disease and contact us if you notice
any of the following
  • Sore mouth ulcers that last for more than three weeks.
  • Unusual lumps or swellings in the mouth or neck that don’t go away
  • Red and white patches in your mouth.
  • Unexplained persistent numbness in the lips or tongue
You can also help prevent mouth cancer by leading a healthier lifestyle. Don’t smoke, don't drink more
than the recommended weekly limits for alcohol and try and follow a diet that includes plenty of fresh
vegetables – particularly tomatoes – and olive oil and fish.
We’ll be marking Mouth Cancer Action Month with a few activities, so keep an eye out on our Facebook Page and Twitter account

You can show your support for Mouth Cancer Action Month by creating a #BlueLipSelfie at Tag us as you share it and we'll share it too.