Interdental Cleaning and Why Good Dentists Go On About it.

Posted 15th February 2014

Interdental Cleaning is not the most interesting of topics but I have found over the past 12 years of looking after my patients that the ones that clean in between their teeth really do managed to

  • have less issues with their teeth and gums,
  • save a ton of money
  • really do enjoy coming to see the dentist.
  • and have more confidence about themselves

Floss is what is commonly used but interdental brushes such as the Tepe branded range as well as Dental Tape and Water Flossers and now the new kid on the block the AirFloss all assist you to get in between your teeth.  It truly is an important part of oral hygiene that’s often overlooked and not practiced regularly by most patients.  Interdental Cleaning can be done when ever it is convenient and does not have be done before you brush your teeth although this is usually the most common time and the time that makes most sense to do it.

Remember Interdental Cleaning is just tooth brushing for in between your teeth and you would never (I hope) consider not tooth brushing for weeks at a time.

Just like brushing, interdental cleaning helps reduce  and disrupt the number of bacteria found in the mouth, which produce acid that eats into tooth enamel, creating cavities.  These bacteria can also cause gingivitis, periodontal disease, not to mention bad breath!

I do talk a lot about good interdental cleaning to my new patients (my old patients are already converts!) and I am keen to explain to them that there are great benefits to flossing and I challenge them to give it a go, maybe begin with flossing one tooth at the front of the mouth and slowly increase, see link below on how to create that flossing habit.  The vast majority  who try will come back a few months later saying how amazed they are at how clean and fresh their mouths feel, I just smile and encourage them to not slip back into old habits……

Happy Interdental Cleaning

Dr Fuz