Healthy alternatives to Easter Eggs - five gift ideas


Posted 12th April 2019

Chocolate seems inevitable at Easter and while it’s ok in moderation, and if you clean your teeth properly, we wanted to share some ideas for alternatives that are kinder to young teeth.  
We’ve found five ideas that could help to reduce the amount of sugar you buy and your kids consumer at Easter. 

1. Check out this Easter Bunny minifigure and his cardboard hut, complete with Easter Egg and paintbrush accessory 

2. We love these egg-shaped pots that kids can decorate with paint 

3. The good old Easter Egg hunt
Get them all outside running around in a traditional Easter egg hunt. Hobbycraft have got all the kit you’ll need in one place.

4. The cutest Easter Bunny hat ever
Made from sustainable 100% organic cotton, this chunky knit hat will keep your little one’s head warm and cosy all day. Aaawww 


5. And finally, our luxury choice for £35.This plate, bowl and mug set from Wedgwood features the new Peter Rabbit designs inspired by the classic book illustrations 

We understand that children like chocolate at Easter time. Minimise the damage by restricting chocolate to mealtimes and encourage your kids to rinse out their mouths with water or mouthwash. If they are old enough, sugar-free gum can help produce more saliva that cancels out harmful acid. 

If you need a dentist appointment before Easter please get in touch asap. We’re closed from 5pm time on Thursday 18th April and will reopen at 9am on Tuesday 23rd April. Here’s where to find emergency advice if you need it over Easter

Enjoy the Bank Holiday Weekend from us all at Pennington Dental.