Posted 15th March 2017

I visited this dentist for a free orthodontic chat, thinking it would be a quick consultation and I would have straight teeth in no time. I was shocked to discover that my previous dentist had not looked after my teeth very well and that despite attending every 6 months religiously for the past 20+ years, I had a large amount of treatment that needed doing before braces could even be considered (my last check up with them was March this year and I was told everything was great and they would see me in 6 months).

I have had numerous appointments since to correct the state of my teeth and get them into a better condition, all of which have been comfortable and finished to a high standard. People have already commented on the improvement of my teeth - and that's before I've had my braces fitted, which is being done next week.

I feel the care I have received is second to none and would encourage anyone looking for a dentist to register here and let them look after you and your teeth.

Dianne. Warwickshire