Why do I need to see a hygienist?

Posted 6th June 2016

Hygienists are registered dental care professionals who play a vital role, alongside dentists, to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy. It is important to see the hygienist as well as the dentist to prevent and minimise damage to your teeth and gums.


How do you clean your teeth properly?

Posted 25th April 2016

Following the recent news about the increase in children having to have some or even all of their teeth removed, we thought it was a good time to go over how to clean your teeth for both you and your family.


When should you brush your teeth?

Posted 18th March 2016

We often get asked this question: when should you brush your teeth? People always wonder if it’s before or after eating.


Back to school

Posted 15th March 2016

It was back to school for Dr Fuz Jamall recently when he took part in a Careers Day at Kineton High School.


Smiles all round for kids in Kenilworth

Posted 4th February 2016

It’s been a busy week. Last Monday night we welcomed the 1st Maple Beavers of Kenilworth and last Saturday we hosted the latest Pennington Dental Kids Day.


Are you looking for an NHS dentist?

Posted 2nd February 2016

If you need an NHS dentist we currently have spaces for adults and children at our Kenilworth practice for those living in Kenilworth and surrounding areas. Dentists don’t have catchment areas in the same way that doctors do, so if our practice is convenient for you, we’re happy to see you.


A Bridge Too Far?

Posted 15th August 2015

Do you have a missing tooth or teeth and you really dislike the space? Have you considered having the space filled but you’re not really sure of the options?


Tooth Whitening at Pennington Dental

Posted 10th May 2015

Have you ever considered whitening your teeth? Do you feel they are a bit discoloured and could do with brightening up? Whitening of teeth is a treatment that we can carry out for you at Pennington Dental safely and with minimum discomfort.


Can my child have straight teeth please?

Posted 3rd March 2015

My child has been referred for orthodontic treatment or teeth straightening treatment, but it has not been allowed under NHS funding. Why is this and what does it mean?


A Gourmet New Year at Pennington Dental

Posted 12th January 2015

Have you made some New Year resolutions? Maybe more exercise, better diet, stopping smoking? Maybe you are planning to take better care of your general health and your dental health?